Update SOLIDWORKS Decal in multiple models by renaming the source image file

Article by Sanja Srzic created/updated October 2, 2018

SOLIDWORKS keeps a reference of the location and file names of images used to create decals.  When multiple SOLIDWORKS files need to be updated with a new version of a decal, one option is to rename the old image and apply the original name to the new image.

In the following example, a decal named ‘Barcode’ has been added to a part file.

SOLIDWORKS Decal attached

SOLIDWORKS Decal attached

An updated image that displays the word ‘SolidWorks’ below the barcode is placed in the folder of the current decal image:

New decal image in folder

New decal image in folder

Pretending that in multiple files that reference D:\Tutorials\Decals\Barcode.bmp the image needs to be replaced with SOLIDWORKS Barcode.bmp, the original file has been renamed and the original name ‘Barcode’ has been applied to the new image:

Rename old file

Rename the old and new image file

Next time the part file referencing D:\Tutorials\Decals\Barcode.bmp is opened, the model will include the update SOLIDWORKS decal:

Update SOLIDWORKS decal

New decal image file attached to the model

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