How to Insert a Part Specific Configuration in SOLIDWORKS 2019

Article by Ben Crisostomo, CSWE updated November 18, 2018


In SOLIDWORKS 2019, additional functionality has been added to the Insert Part feature. It will now be possible to insert a part with a specific configuration into another part! Part Specific Configuration allows for greater customization when using configurations within a part file. Let’s take a closer look and see how it works.

New SOLIDWORKS Part Specific Configuration Dialog Box

After going to Insert > Part, we are met with the Insert Part dialog Box. As seen in the picture below, there is a configuration drop-down menu where the various configurations of the selected part will be listed. We have the option of pinning the dialog box if multiple configurations will be inserted into the part.

Part Specific Configuration: Its fun to configure at a part level!

Selecting Configuration in Insert Part Dialog Box

Changing the Selected Configuration

We are also able to change the selected configuration of the part after we have inserted it into the feature tree. By right clicking the inserted part and selecting the Edit Feature button, we can toggle the configuration as seen below.

Note: If the features of the inserted part are no longer visible, and mates made on them will no longer work, and new mates will need to be created with the visible features.

Part Specific Configuration: Just like Assemblies!

Changing Configuration of Inserted Part


With this new functionality, inserted part configurations are specific to the main part configuration, like the way assembly configurations work. This allows for more customization with configurations, and easier editing down the road.

Part Specific Configuration: Just like assemblies!

Inserted Part Configurations are Specific to Main Part Configurations

The new configuration control when inserting parts is definitely a game changer, and will save people a lot of time & effort when editing assemblies or parts down stream. To learn more about inserting parts check out the articles: Changing Reference Configuration in Inserted Parts and Mirrored or Patterned Instances and Master Cut List Property Management while inserting Parts into Parts.

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