How to add SOLIDWORKS Part Template File Properties

Article by James Swackhammer updated November 16, 2018


In my previous post I described the steps for creating a SOLIDWORKS Part Template, but what happens next? Now it’s time to edit the Part template and add file properties which can save a lot of needless, repetitive typing.

There are two reliable methods of opening previously saved templates:

  • Find where they are saved and drag/drop them into SOLIDWORKS
  • Or within SOLIDWORKS press Ctrl + O, find where they are saved and click open

At the top beside the “Options” cog is the “File Properties” icon.

SOLIDWORKS File Properties

SOLIDWORKS File Properties

Custom Summary Information

In this new window there are three tabs at the top: Summary, Custom and Configuration Specific. Under the Custom tab is where we are going to do add SOLIDWORKS Part Template File Properties:

Summary Information Dialog

Summary Information Dialog

Adding Properties

Row 1 is provided but it is currently empty. Let’s add some properties:

  1. Start by clicking in the “Property Name” field drop box. This will reveal a pre-made set of typical items to be displayed. We are going to start by selecting “DrawnBy”
  2. The next column is “Type” and this is how you want to display the property. For the description, we are going to choose “Text”.
  3. Moving onto “Value/ Text Expression”, this is where we will type in who modeled this part. Once the name is typed out press the Tab key.
  4. The last column is “Evaluated Value” and this what will be shown when the property is called upon.
DrawnBy Property

DrawnBy Property

Auto Populating Properties

Properties like Material and Weight have their own Value/Text Expression to auto display what material you selected and the total weight of the part/assembly is. In the Value / Text Expression field select the drop box and there you will see more options like Material and Mass.

SOLIDWORKS Weight Property

SOLIDWORKS Weight Property

For all you ISO company people out there, you may want to add the DrawnBy, DrawnDate, CheckedBy, CheckedDate to be compliant. If you have a designated checker you can enter their name. If this template is designated to you, only you can enter your name in.

Make sure you pick OK on the dialog and save the template so that the properties are stored within the template file.

When you start a new Part using the template many of the properties will be populated automatically as shown in the figure below:

SOLIDWORKS Part Template File Properties

SOLIDWORKS Part Template File Properties

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