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SOLIDWORKS Drawing Open Progress Indicator

Article by Mersedeh Zandvakili created/updated March 15, 2019

The SOLIDWORKS drawing open progress indicator introduced for SOLIDWORKS 2019 provides insightful information about the status of operations when a drawing is being opened. If a drawing takes longer than 60 seconds to open, the drawing would still remain open after the drawing has been loaded.

Drawing Open Progress Indicator

Drawing Open Progress Indicator

The first state in opening the file is loading all the components in the memory. The open progress indicator shows the number of components opened and the total number of files in the model.

Once the files are opened, the drawing will be updated. This includes all the mates, assembly features,patterns, and in-context models. If the drawing has multiple sheets, The total number of sheet and the sheet that is being updated is shown as well.

Information About Sheets That Are Updated in Open Progress Indicator

Information About Sheets That Are Updated in Open Progress Indicator

After the drawing is updated, as the last step the graphics is generated. The drawing open progress indicator also shows the elapsed time since opening the drawing and the amount of time required to open the drawing the last time the drawing was opened. For assembly drawings, the Previous time to open operation is specific to the assembly mode (such as Large Assembly mode, Lightweight mode, and Resolved mode).

After the drawing is opened, there is link for accessing Performance Evaluation. You can also access Performance Evaluation from Tools > Evaluate > Performance Evaluation.

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