Colour SOLIDWORKS Sketches to communicate ideas and design concepts

Article by Rod Mackay updated September 17, 2020


SOLIDWORKS provides the ability to colour sketches in your design and this can be useful when you want to prove out your concepts, communicate ideas to other team members, or produce layout sketches.

Typically sketches are grey in colour when they are not being edited, but you can easily apply a colour to a sketch from the Feature Manager Design Tree:

  1. Select a sketch in the Feature Manager Design Tree
  2. Right-click and select Sketch Color from the shortcut menu
SOLIDWORKS Sketch Colour

SOLIDWORKS Sketch Colour

  1. Choose the colour you would like for that specific sketch from the Property Manager
    • There are three colour palettes to choose from
    • You can also apply different colours to different configurations
  2. Pick OK when you’ve select the required colour
Sketch Colour Property Manager

Sketch Colour Property Manager

NOTE after you have modified the colour of a sketch the colour will remain after features have been applied, which makes them ideal for reference geometry and layout sketches.

Sketch colour applied

Sketch colour applied

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