Adjusting a Sketch without having to use Edit Sketch

Article by Rod Mackay updated September 16, 2020


Dragging Instant3D manipulators in the SOLIDWORKS graphics area is a quick and easy means of adjusting features, but it is also applicable to sketches. Rather than editing a sketch you can simply select the feature or sketch that you want to adjust and the underlying sketch manipulators will appear.

The Instant3D functionality works for the following sketch entities:

  • Boss and cut features
  • Circles
  • Polygons
  • Center rectangles
  • 3 point center rectangle

To adjust a sketch with Instant3D:

  1. Ensure that Instant3D is active in the CommandManager as shown in the figure below
Instant3D Command

Instant3D Command

  1. Select a sketch from the FeatureManager Design Tree or select a feature in graphics area and note that manipulators will appear on the sketch entities, as shown in the figure below a slot sketch has been selected and handles appear on the dimensions in the graphics area
Instant3D Sketch

Instant3D Sketch

  1. Select a manipulator associated with the sketch as shown in the graphics area below, and drag to resize

NOTE: Drag on the ruler to snap adjust with accurate increments

Instant3D drag

Instant3D drag on ruler

NOTE that if you do not have Instant3D active only the maniupulators associated with the feature will appear and you will need to use Edit Sketch to make adjustments.

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