Subdivision (sub-D) modeling with the 3D Sculptor xShape App

You can quickly create 3D models that are organically and ergonomically-shaped with 3D Sculptor, a browser-based 3D subdivision (sub-D) modeling solution built on the 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS platform.

3D Sculptor is a lot like clay modeling but on a computer. Most designers typically start with either a sketch, imported image, or actual 3D models as a reference in the background and then design around those shapes.  Of course, with 3D Sculptor, you can also create shapes using no reference on the screen – just freehand design.

3D Sculptor is easy to use and fast to learn.  You start with a 3D shape or a 2D surface and simply push, pull, scale, crease, and bend your sub-D model to get the shape you desire:

Designs that take hours to create with traditional parametric surface modeling may take only a few minutes to create with 3D Sculptor. And changes that often require a designer to start the whole design over with a parametric surface modeler may take seconds in 3D Sculptor.

3D Sculptor complements the SOLIDWORKS® suite of design-through-manufacturing tools by providing subdivision conceptual modeling capabilities that are easy to learn and use. And if you make a change in 3D Sculptor that change is propagated to SOLIDWORKS automatically.

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