All the Changes to the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal

Article by Ray Morrogh updated December 1, 2023


The former SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal was retired in October, and a variety of the functions you would previously perform on it have been moved or replaced. This is part of Dassault Systemes consolidating all products within their various offerings. This blog will help you understand and navigate these changes to complete the tasks as a CAD user or administrator.

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Migration: Access

The good news for most current administrators is that your access to the previous admin portal has been transferred over to make you the admin on the new site, so you should already have access. If that is not the case, please feel free to contact our support team, as we can assign the proper roles to you and grant you access to add the rest of your users to the site. SOLIDWORKS has also consolidated a FAQ on the changes to access, which you can read here.

You’ll notice that this uses your 3DEXPERIENCE ID when you access the platform. This is because access to subscription content and administrative information is now tied to your 3DEXPERIENCE ID rather than your serial number, whether you are an administrator or a user within an organization. It, therefore, becomes critical to have access to your client as the security administrator to add users, or if you are not the admin, to get in touch with your current security admin to gain access to your subscription entitlements, like downloads, mySolidworks, and viewing to your escalated support cases.

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Migration: Setup and Administer Users

Users are now not a serial number in the system but, rather, a role in the DSx Client, which is accessed by browsing to Granting them access will allow them to navigate to various pages with full rights. After logging into DSx Client with your 3DEXPERIENCE ID, you should see your company and your assigned roles. Their possible roles are:

  • Security admin, Assign Roles – This is the admin’s role that allows them to add new contacts and assign them roles
  • Support Administrator – This role allows you to see requests raised by colleagues and create new contacts
  • Support Advanced – This role is similar to the above role, just without the ability to create contacts
  • Support Restricted – This role allows fundamental access to the various sites and is the minimum role required when adding a new user

To administer these roles, go to the Main Menu dropdown and select “Contact Administration”. New contact will be available under the existing list and you can proceed from there adding the required information (first name, last name, and email) along with whatever other information you desire.

Hitting return will bring you back to your contacts page, and you should then see a column next to each contact with a “change” link that can be used to edit the existing information. Select it and then assign the roles by checking the box next to the relevant role. Be sure to click “Apply Role Changes” on the main contact page to validate.  Confirming this will trigger an email to the colleague you added to confirm their account.

Users should be assigned only one role, either Support Advanced or Support Restricted roles.  Administrators should have both Security Admin and Support Admin roles assigned.

Old contacts cannot be deleted but rather set to Obsolete.  First, all roles must be removed by clicking Change, deselect all checkboxes, Save and then “Apply Role Changes”.  Then click the user’s name, select the “Obsolete” checkbox at the top and Save.


SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Migration: See Your Licenses


See your assets in MyProducts rather than in the previous SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal

The replacement for the Products tab can be found at and requires the Security Admin role to be assigned to you in DSx.Client. In this tab, you can:

  • View all products with a serial number
  • View expiration
  • View support end dates
  • Check if the products have been activated
  • Click on any product to see included products entitled by the same serial number along with their activation locations
  • Export a detailed list of products

More information about MyProducts can be found on our article “Navigate to to access a listing of your SOLIDWORKS assets

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Migration: Download SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Downloads are available at the same link they have been previously, but you’ll be required to login with a 3DExperience ID that has a role assigned. If you need to access a year that isn’t available on the website, you can also always reach out to our support team for install media.

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Migration: Get Certified

Your free certifications that subscription entitles you to are currently available through a manual process, as this is still experiencing changes. Email with the exam you’d like to take.

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Migration: Self Help Services (Knowledge Base)

The knowledge base now exists at, and you can log in with your 3DEXPERIENCE ID. If you’re just searching for SOLIDWORKS related content, you can filter by brand to narrow down your results to relevant information. The roles that you applied to your contacts in DSx.Client allow them to view this knowledge base.

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Migration: Self Help Services (3DSupport App)

Although this change makes some roles capable of submitting support cases in the 3DSupport app, we would ask that you contact our support team first ( and 1.888.874.6324) as we have our own ticketing system for managing issues and can escalate your case for you as needed.

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Migration: Training Resources

MySolidworks access also now requires a sign in with a 3DExperience ID. Once signed in, you can go to your profile and under the “my subscription” tab, you can see what level of mySolidworks subscription to which you are entitled. The Standard level is assigned to users associated with accounts with licenses on active subscription.

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Migration: Document Manager API Key

The Document Manager API key is required to run your own scripts with SOLIDWORKS and you can request access to the key by going to the API Support Page. This, like other sites mentioned previously, will require you to log in with you 3DExperience ID. When you go to the request page, you should see your name and email address. Filling out and submitting the new key request form will then grant you access once SOLIDWORKS sends the key over to you.


For more information, please review our blog article on the “New DSx Client System for SOLIDWORKS Administrators “

Also visit SOLIDWORKS Support Home for accessing the resources noted above and some additional resources as well.

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