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3D Printing Products

Technical information about 3D Printing products from Javelin

Objet1000, the largest PolyJet 3D Printer ever!

Objet has just launched the Objet1000 3D Printer at Euromold in Frankfurt, Germany. The Objet1000 is the largest envelope size PolyJet 3D printer ever built. This system features: 1000 x 800 x 500 mm envelope size (40 x 31 x 20 inches). Ten times the volume of a Objet500 Connex!! Fully Connex multi material capabilities….


3D Printer for Education: Objet30 Scholar

One of the focus of Objet is the educational field. Several colleges and universities in the world have benefited from the outstanding surface finish, fine detail and print efficiency provided by Objet 3D Printers. The time reduction in design processes due to faster test validations and iterations has positively impacted art, design, engineering, science and…


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