A History of SolidWorks Commands

Article by Alin Vargatu, CSWE updated August 16, 2010


This is a CHALLENGE for all you history buffs out there. And no, I am not talking about the Roman Empire or who defeated Napoleon Bonaparte, but about finding out when – in what version – various SolidWorks commands where implemented.

At this time, there is no public database where you can select a command or a setting and see in what year become available inside SolidWorks, but such a database can be created. All the information needed can be found inside What’s New documents which can be accessed inside the Help menu of each version of SolidWorks.

Of course, I do not expect you to have all this files on your hard drive. Fortunately, Ricky Jordan is an avid collectionar and has all the What’s New files on his blog (click here to access it).

Please let us know if you would be interested in this project. We need to read each What’s New file and extract the data. I suggest the start can be a simple database with 2 columns – Command or Setting – and the corresponding SolidWorks Version, like this:

Thicken Surface1997 plus
Surface Trim2001
Structural Member2004


For starters, you can watch this amazing video created by Mark Biasotti of SolidWorks.


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