3D Sketching a Helix for a Pipe Route for SOLIDWORKS Routing

Article by Rob Greer, CSWP updated September 12, 2011


When using SOLIDWORKS Routing, a simple way to have a coil of tubing for strain relief or packaging reasons, is to create the helix outside of the 3D Route sketch and then use convert entities to copy the helix into the Route sketch.

The basic steps for Helix for route are:
  • Insert a dummy part to create the helix in
Coil needed for route

Coil needed for route

  • Create the 2D sketch to control the diameter of the helix
Make 2D Sketch

Make 2D Sketch

  • Create the helix for route using the standard helix sketch feature
Create Helix

Create Helix

  • Edit the 3D sketch and use the ‘Convert Entities’ sketch tool to transfer the helix into the 3D sketch
Convert Entities on Helix

Convert Entities on Helix

  • Lastly, tie in the transferred helix into the route sketch.
Helix for Route - Connect to Route

Connect to Route

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