SolidWorks Routing: Remating a Routing Connector to Change Its Position

Article by Rob Greer, CSWP updated September 12, 2011


Occasionally you may want to move a connector (or flange for pipe) to a different location than it was originally dropped on.  You will find mates present on the component in the Feature Tree if the route sketch is not controlling the position of the connector.  However, there is no “edit” command available as there would be with a regular assembly mate.  All that is present is the “Replace Mate Entities” button.  This accomplishes the same thing, it allows you to update the referenced faces for the mates.  Simply walk through the tool and update the references to the new location.  The route should update once you have completed editing the necessary mates.  If it doesn’t try a rebuild or a CTRL+Q.

Connector to move

Replace Mate Entities Tool

Replace References

Connector Moves

Edit Complete!

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Rob Greer, CSWP