Using the SOLIDWORKS Selection Filter

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated October 17, 2011


Have you ever been working in SOLIDWORKS when suddenly you are no longer able to select items in the graphics area, your cursor now showing what looks like a small blue funnel next to it?  If so you’ve accidentally turned on the SOLIDWORKS Selection Filter.

The Selection Filter is intended to help you select specific types of items in the graphics area, such as faces, edges or vertices.  However, when you accidentally turn them on, without knowing how, they can quickly turn from a useful tool to a source of frustration.  Here’s how you can make selection filters work for you, and especially HOW TO TURN THEM OFF.

SOLIDWORKS Selection Filter Toolbar

SOLIDWORKS Selection Filter Toolbar

The selection filters are controlled by the Selection Filter toolbar, however there are also several keyboard shortcuts that will toggle the selection filters on and off.  This is often how users will accidentally activate a filter.

The keyboard shortcuts are:

F5 — Toggle the display of the Selection Filter toolbar.

F6 — Toggle the currently selected filters on or off.

E — Toggle the Edge selection filter on or off.

X — Toggle the Faces selection filter on or off.

V — Toggle the Vertices selection filter on or off.

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Andrew Lidstone, CSWE

Andrew Lidstone is a SOLIDWORKS Elite Application Engineer specializing in Data Management systems. He has been working in the SOLIDWORKS reseller channel since 2010 helping clients get the most from their CAD tools.