Hierarchy of BOM Description References

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated March 5, 2012


The BOM Description column picks up the Description property from your models.  But if you are finding that modifying the property is not updating the BOM, there is a good chance you have other Descriptions that are overriding the value.  Here is the hierarchy of the Description column.  These options allow you to have different descriptions for each configuration.

I’ve created a simple assembly with 3 blocks.
The 1×1 block has the standard “Description” property found under the Custom tab of the file properties.
The 2×2 block has the same Custom property, but also has a Configuration Specific tab property with the same “Description” name.
The 3×3 block has both Custom and Config Specific properties, but also with the option “Use in Bill of Materials” enabled for the Configuration Properties.

Custom tab (found under File > Properties)

Configuration Specific tab

Accessing Configuration Properties

Configuration Properties Description



















Now in the drawing, you’ll see that the 1×1 block picks up the Custom value, the 2×2 block picks up the Configuration Specific value, and the 3×3 block picks up the Configuration Properties value.  All values are still available if the overriding property is removed.


Drawing BOM Description values

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