SOLIDWORKS Simulation Convert Toolbox Fasteners to Bolt Connectors

Article by Irfan Zardadkhan, PhD, CSWE updated September 13, 2013


Imagine receiving an assembly from a customer with a few hundred bolt connectors in it. You have to run a simulation on this. Obviously you have to suppress all the bolts in the assembly or exclude the bolts in the simulation study. And then, you need to define all the bolt connector and if you were lucky, some of the holes were actually defined using hole series which would have helped you speed up the process a little bit.

Convert Toolbox Fasteners to Bolt Connectors is a new feature in SOLIDWORKS 2014 which will literally save you time and frustration of all this. Just create a new study in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2014. Right-click the Connectors folder in the study PropertyManager and select: Convert Toolbox fasteners to bolt connectors (may take time).

That’s right, with just one click, all the toolbox bolts will be converted to bolt connectors and the all the parts will be automatically unsuppressed. How is that for a great reason to upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2014 as soon as it is released?

Watch the attached video to see this great tool in action.


Note: This feature is available in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional or higher.

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