Creating a SOLIDWORKS Reference Plane at an Angle out in Space

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated April 28, 2014


When you need to generate a SOLIDWORKS Reference Plane at an angle, typically you would select a face or plane for the reference angle, then select an edge or axis on which to rotate about.  But this may not be in the position you want it to be and then forces you to make another reference plane for the offset.

If you need to create a Reference Plane at a certain angle somewhere out in space, create a simple sketch with a line as the reference and then generate your Reference Plane.

First start a sketch and add a line with the angle and distance.

SOLIDWORKS Reference Plane

Create a reference sketch

Then when generating a Reference Plane, selecting the line and an endpoint will place it normal to the line and coincident to the endpoint.

Reference Plane based on Sketch Line

Reference Plane based on Sketch Line

The same can be done with a 3D Sketch line, or even using an Edge and Vertex of existing model geometry.

Edge and Vertex for 3D Sketch

Edge and Vertex for 3D Sketch

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