SolidWorks Simulation – Duplicating Studies for Different Configurations

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated May 7, 2014


Sometimes you may have setup your entire SolidWorks Simulation study with all connections, fixtures and loads, and then you realize you used the wrong configuration.  They might be very similar but if you activate the correct configuration, you will notice that your study is greyed out and requires the initial configuration to be active.  So do you have to start over and generate a new study?

Duplicate your Study with the proper Configuration

Not to worry, because you can simply Duplicate your study and choose the proper configuration.  This will copy over all of your study settings (except if there is geometry missing that is required for the fixtures, loads, etc).

Duplicate Study

Duplicate Study

Choose Configuration

Choose Configuration

Generate a New Study

If you want to generate a brand new study and copy over only a few things from an existing study, this is as easy as dragging and dropping the connectors, fixtures, etc., onto another study tab.  You can select individual items from the tree, select the entire group of items, or Ctrl-select multiple items and drag them onto the other study.

Copy to other studies

Copy to other studies

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