Excluding Components from your Simulation Studies [VIDEO]

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated August 13, 2014


There are a couple options for excluding components from your SolidWorks Simulation studies, but they behave differently.

Method #1: Using the Exclude from Analysis command

The first method is directly in an existing study.  You can right-click on a component in the Simulation tree and choose “Exclude from Analysis“.

Exclude from Analysis

Exclude from Analysis Command

If the option “Hide excluded bodies…” is enabled under Simulation > Options > System Options > General, than the excluded components will disappear from the graphics view.  But it will still be in the tree greyed out so you can include it back into the study if needed.  However this only applies to the active study.  Any other existing studies or new studies will still have the component included.

Hide Excluded Bodies


[Recommended] Method #2: Create a configuration for your Simulation study

The second option is to create a configuration specifically for your Simulation study (which is recommended) and suppress any components that are not needed.  This will apply to all studies using this configuration.  If you have already created a Simulation study using another configuration, you can always duplicate the study and reference the new configuration.

FEA Configuration

FEA Configuration

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