Join the SOLIDWORKS Customer Experience Improvement Program

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated September 22, 2014


SOLIDWORKS is getting better every year through great enhancements, but they always strive to increase the quality and stability of the product at the same time.

You can help by joining the Customer Experience Improvement Program that will send logs and information about your SOLIDWORKS session automatically in the background.

NOTE: The information is treated as strictly confidential, and no model data or other computer program information is included.  And won’t affect your system performance in any way.

For more information, visit the SOLIDWORKS website.

To enable this setting, open SOLIDWORKS and go to Tools > Options > System Options tab > General > “Help make SOLIDWORKS products better by automatically sending your log files to DS SolidWorks Corporation”.

General Options - Customer Experience

General Options – Customer Experience

Not only will this provide important statistics to SolidWorks, but it can also provide you with feedback if a crash report is fixed in a newer version of SOLIDWORKS.

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Scott Durksen, CSWE

Scott is a SOLIDWORKS Elite Applications Engineer and is based in our Dartmouth, Nova Scotia office.