New in SOLIDWORKS 2015 – Reference Entity for Angle Mates to Prevent Flipping

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated January 8, 2015


SOLIDWORKS 2015 has introduced a Reference Entity selection for the Angle mate.  This allows you to select an edge or planar face.  A dimension selector gives you the option to define and lock the orientation of the angular dimension, preventing any unintentional flipping from future changes.  The quadrant allows you to select the acute or obtuse angles on either side.

How to select a reference entity for Angle Mates

You can select any linear edge on the components used in the Angle Mate, but the edge must run parallel to both selections.  Then select one of the quadrants in the selector.  It will automatically convert to the obtuse angle if changing the selection.

Angle Mate - Reference Entity

Angle Mate – Reference Entity

Or you can use the “Auto Fill Reference Entity” button to have it choose the reference for you.  In this case you can see it selects a face normal to both selections which is also valid.

Auto-Assign Mate Reference

Auto-Assign Mate Reference

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