Set Dimension Value to a SOLIDWORKS Global Variable without Linking to it

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated August 9, 2015


A SOLIDWORKS Global Variable is a useful way to keep a set of values linked to dimensions in your model so you can quickly make a change and all dimensions linked will be updated.  But perhaps you are adding a dimension and you just want to enter the value of one of the Global Variables without linking it.  This way the dimension will not be affected by changes to the Global Variable.

Rather than linking with an equals sign, “=”, to the Global Variable…

Linking to SOLIDWORKS Global Variables

Linking to the Global Variable with an “=” sign

Instead you can just add a plus sign, “+”, and it will give you the drop-down to select the Global Variable.

Adding Global Variable Values

Only Adding the Global Variable value with the “+” sign, without Linking


The value of the Global Variable will be added, but the link will not be put in place so it won’t be affected by future changes.


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