SOLIDWORKS Default Template Location

Article by Sanja Srzic updated August 8, 2015


SOLIDWORKS default templates and document templates have different settings and purpose.

SOLIDWORKS default template files used to start a new part, assembly, or drawing document are located in the folders specified in Tools > OptionsFile LocationsDocument Templates.  Each folder is represented with a tab in the ‘New SOLIDWORKS Document’ dialog.

SOLIDWORKS Default Template Location

File locations for document templates

During automated file creation, for example when importing files from other applications, mirroring parts or assemblies, or saving bodies or assemblies as part files, SOLIDWORKS uses template files specified in Tools > Options > Default Templates.

Default Templates

Default Templates

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If the path of default templates is incorrect, you will receive an error and a prompt to use a blank template.

The default templates are not valid

The default templates are not valid

Using the three-dot browse button to specify default part, assembly, or drawing template brings up the ‘New SOLIDWORKS Document’ dialog, limiting the selection to the existing file locations for document templates.

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