SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 Formula Manager Enhancements

Article by Justin Flett updated September 21, 2015


A number of improvements have been made to the SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 Formula Manager.  This includes full attribute variable names within the interface (“COMPONENT_MARK_ROOT” vs. “COM_ROOT”) for easier use. A list of all available SQL functions, and a very handy Test Formula Tool.

Functions Tab

The latest Formula Manager user interface is very similar, however a few noticeable enhancements have been added.  A new “Functions” tab has been added, see below, this provides a list of all available SQL functions along with a description and example result of the function.  This is very useful as there are numerous SQL commands available that many users may not know of, or do not have the exact syntax memorized.

New Formula Manager

New Formula Manager Functions List

New Test Formula Tool

In addition to this we can see in the bottom right corner the new “Test Formula” tool shown as a button with a calculator icon.  This tool is extremely handy, as now we can easily test our SQL formulas within the manager, without having to finalize and run our formula through the entire project.


New Formula Test Tool

The new Functions Page and Test Tool are just some of the many new features to be found in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016.  I’ll provide you with more enhancements in upcoming electrical blog posts.

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