SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 Limiting User Rights on Project Data

Article by Justin Flett updated September 26, 2015


With SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 we can now limit the access to project documents by using specific project books!  We can group users based on specific profiles, and associate each profile to apply rights for each user group.

First we must define the different working groups and users within the interface configuration.  Once this has been defined we can now manage the access rights of each book of the project.  This is very useful as we may want to separate various groups to be able to work on specific aspects of a project.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 Limiting User Rights

Configure Book Access Rights


For example if we have an Electrical team and a Mechanical team we can now separate and control access into an Electrical book and Mechanical book as shown above.  Each book access can be directly controlled by a project admin to allow specific book permissions.

If the user is from a group not allowed to access a book, he/she:

  • Print or export files from book.
  • Import data in book.
  • Generate new files in book (cabinet layout, PLC drawing, report).
  • Have a preview of files from a book.
  • Edit wire cabling order from any file.
  • Manage origin-destination arrow from any files.
  • Modify component even if they are used in scheme for a locked book.
  • Open SOLIDWORKS assembly using SOLIDWORKS file open but electrical command are not available.
  • Edit properties of book.
  • Edit properties of folders or files from this book.
  • Open files from the book.
  • Cut/copy-paste files from the book.

If the user tries to edit a book that he/she does not have full permissions, an error message is shown.

Access Rights Denied

Access Rights Denied

This is very useful as generally we would want each group member to have some access to the files (ie. viewing previews if needed to gain some insight into the project) however we would not want our mechanical team to be able to edit our electrical designs.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016

The improved book permissions are just one of the many new features to be found in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016. To learn about other SOLIDWORKS enhancements we recommend that you attend our Launch Broadcast on either Thursday October 1st or Tuesday October 6th. Please visit our registration page to register for a Broadcast event.


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