SOLIDWORKS 2016 Select Identical Components

Article by Rod Mackay updated November 14, 2015

Identical Components Selected

Identical Components Selected

The SOLIDWORKS 2016 Select Identical Components is a new tool which provides a very quick and intuitive way for you to select all the identical components within an open assembly.

This is the ideal tool to verify that multiple components are present in your assembly or to select components that you may want to suppress for large assembly simplification.

  1. Open an assembly document
  2. To activate the selection tool either select Tools > Component Selection > Select Identical Components or pick the Select tool from the standard toolbar and access the command from the drop down menu.
Select Identical Components

Select Identical Components

  1. The selection PropertyManager will be displayed and provides you with an option to select all instances of the component with the same configuration name. You can select or deselect this option depending on your requirements.
Select Identical PropertyManager

Select Identical PropertyManager

  1. Now pick a component in the graphics area or from the FeatureManager Design Tree and all identical components are selected as shown in the figure below three instances of a clamping knob have been selected.
Identical Components Selected

Identical Components Selected

NOTE: This selection tool idea was suggested by a customer for the SOLIDWORKS World Top 10 list, so it’s good to see customer enhancements being implemented in the latest SOLIDWORKS release. Learn how you can submit an enhancement request for the SOLIDWORKS World 2016 Top Ten List.

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To learn other what’s new tip and tricks like the SOLIDWORKS 2016 CommandManager Lock you should watch a recording of our recent launch event broadcast.

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