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A big thank you to all our customers that tuned in for the Canadian SOLIDWORKS 2016 Launch Broadcast in October. We were able to run a live SOLIDWORKS 2016 demo and show the updated user interface, new tools, and process enhancements to help designers get their work done faster and easier than ever before.


In case you missed the broadcast or just want a refresher on some of the new features we demonstrated live, you can watch a recording of the SOLIDWORKS 2016 demo below:

Featured during the broadcast

Here are links to get more information and tech tips for the new products and services featured during the broadcast:

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Add-ins
  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a new tool to help you create more realistic photo quality renderings in less time, and is included with SOLIDWORKS 2016 Professional and Premium.
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is a new product included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium based on SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM (now named SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional for 2016) designed for smaller workgroups to manage SOLIDWORKS data.
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 provides faster, more intuitive design validation, allowing you to find unconstrained degrees of freedom, turn constraints on and off, and perform mesh sectioning.
  • Improved Electrical Design Tools including a streamlined workflow with contextual information.
  • “Drawingless” manufacturing communication using SOLIDWORKS MBD with faster creation of 3D dimensions and tolerances, as well as streamlined downstream manufacturing functions.
  • Enhanced Part Modeling capabilities with the thread wizard, bi-directional sweep, and enhanced sheet metal.
  • Enhanced eDrawings featuring AR for Android™; 3D Views and annotation views for assemblies; component descriptions; weld beads, and Undo/Redo.
  • PCBWorks is the new printed circuit board design tool for SOLIDWORKS 2016.
  • SOLIDWORKS inspection for manufacturing communication.
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