How to improve SOLIDWORKS Composer Video Quality

Article by Justin Flett updated January 18, 2016


One of the main benefits of SOLIDWORKS Composer is the ability to generate videos or animation outputs.  When first creating videos with composer you may notice that the rendered motion of the video may be quite slow, the quality of the video output may be poor, or the video output file size may be very large.  If you experience any of these issues it may be due to the use of a poor video codec.

SOLIDWORKS Composer will give you the option to choose any video compressor that is installed on your machine.  By default you may only see the standard Microsoft Codecs listed; these codecs may not be the best compression option which is why you may be experiencing poor output results.  To improve the video simply change the compressor to a codec that you are familiar with, if you do not have any other video compressors on your machine you may need to download and install a popular video codec and it will automatically be added to your compressor list.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Video Compression Options

Video Compression Options

For my SOLIDWORKS Composer video I have used the TechSmith TSCC® codec which has drastically improved the video output quality and reduced the file size. Watch the video below for a quick explanation of this process:

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