SOLIDWORKS Simulation did not recognize my Sheet Metal part? [VIDEO]

Article by Siavash Khajehhasani updated January 26, 2016


If  SOLIDWORKS Simulation did not recognize sheet metal part when you created a simulation study then watch the video below to learn how to solve the issue.

In the figure below, the created part seems to be sheet metal since a ‘sheet metal’ folder exist in the FeatureManager Design Tree. However there is no Sheet Metal Feature that fully defines the extruded feature as a Sheet Metal part. Therefore, the criteria that simulation looks for to automatically convert Sheet Metal bodies to mid-extrude shells is not satisfied.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation did not recognize sheet metal part

Sheet Metal Part

The easiest way to convert this part into sheet metal without starting from the scratch is to select: ‘Insert‘ > ‘Sheet Metal‘ > ‘Bends‘ > select either the top or bottom face > ‘OK‘ > then click ‘OK‘ to dismiss the ‘No bends found’ message.

Now create a new study or right-click on the body in the existing study and note that ‘Treat as Sheet Metal’ is now available.

Here is a video demonstration of the steps described above.

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