The best choice for Global Contact in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Article by Siavash Khajehhasani updated February 2, 2016


This is one of the most frequently asked questions in SOLIDWORKS Simulation:

Is there any better choice for Global Contact in SOLIDWORKS Simulation?

There are three different types of Global Contact in SOLIDWORKS Simulation as shown in the figure below:

  • No Penetration,
  • Bonded and
  • Allow Penetration
Global Contact in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Component Contact Type

In general, you should avoid using No Penetration as Global Contact; since SOLIDWORKS Simulation is constantly looking to check if No Penetration contact condition is met between all components in the model. This can take a considerable amount of memory resources especially for large assemblies.

Accordingly, it is better to keep Global Contact as Bonded or Allow Penetration and use local No Penetration contact.

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