Automate to Dominate: Gain and Retain Your Competitive Advantage with DriveWorks

Article by John Mignardi updated May 10, 2016


Are you losing sales because it takes too long to create a quote? Do your competitors offer an easier buying experience? Do your dealers or mobile sales force have the tools to win business on the spot?

It is critical to build relationships and trust when earning business from new customers and retaining existing customers. While some customers will stay loyal with little effort, they can quickly be turned off by a slow or inefficient buying experience, especially if they have seen or experienced a better alternative.

Online Furniture Configurator

Furniture Configurator

Many companies feel the “need for speed” when it comes to providing quotes. All too often, the process of generating a quote requires interaction between multiple departments before a sales quote can be created. This process can be lengthy, be error prone and demonstrate inefficiency.

Imagine if you were able to design your product and generate an accurate quote as easily and quickly as finding your perfect car online.

Leading companies automate with DriveWorks

Javelin has enabled many of our customers to automate the steps leading to quote generation. With DriveWorks Design Automation & Sales Configuration software, the future of automation is here.

By implementing DriveWorks, one material handling company in Ontario has:

  • Reduced quote generation time by 90%
  • Reduced drawing creation time by 90%

Here is a 3-minute video that shows how easy it is to configure a product online using DriveWorks. Online Product Configurator for a Trailer

Notice how:
  • The website guides the customer through a specification process
  • As each selection is made, the impact on price is shown
  • When the product is customized to your specifications, a formal quote is generated automatically and is instantly ready to send to the customer
  • Drawings and other manufacturing content is generated automatically

Do you need to go faster?

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“You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.”

Test drive the Quoting Tool

Want to try a DriveWorks powered product configurator for yourself? Check out the online configuration and quoting tool, where you can configure and get a quote for a lift table, wood cabinet, trailer body, or picture frame. Have questions? Learn more on our website and/or call me at (877) 219-6757 x217.

Launch the Quoting Tool

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