Do you design with TSLOTS? Download a FREE TSLOTS SOLIDWORKS Add-in

Article by Vicky Guignard updated May 27, 2016


Many SOLIDWORKS users work with TSLOTS for their machine, robot cages and or frame designs. TSLOTS are basically Aluminum Extrusions that come in various sizes and standards (Metric, Fractional, B-Series).

TSLOT Extrusion

TSLOT Extrusion

You can represent them inside of SOLIDWORKS by creating profiles to use in a weldment environment OR I recently found out that you can download a library of TSLOT profiles from

You can also download TSLOTS DesignPro™ which is 64 bit compatible, free, easy-to-use add-in that works inside SOLIDWORKS. With the add-in, you can build your models very easily in an Assembly environment by using the TSLOT wizard, or, use the profiles in a weldment environment.

How to use the TSLOTS SOLIDWORKS Add-in software

Here is how it works: Go to this website and Download Design Pro

Once you have downloaded everything, fire up SOLIDWORKS and start a new project!

  1. To begin a project select Tools > TSLOTS > New Project
Starting a new project.

Starting a new project.

  1. Give the project a name, when you hit OK, the add-in will automatically launch in the PropertyManager.
TSLOTS New Project Name

TSLOTS New Project Name

  1. You will be presented with 3 tabs:
    • The Distributor area displays your distributor contact information.
    • The Design Button allows you to design your project.
    • The BOM button shows a summary Bill of Material with Pricing and Weight information.
  2. Follow the steps and make your frame! Enjoy!
TSLOTS SOLIDWORKS Add-in PropertyManager

TSLOTS PropertyManager

Learn more about TSLOTS

The TSLOTS website also includes online tutorials for their DesignPro software to help you get started.

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