How to link PDF Document Properties to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Data Card Variables

Article by Justin Williams updated June 22, 2016


In SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional 2016 it’s possible to link PDF document properties with SOLIDWORKS PDM variables and create a two way relationship.

PDF Data Card

PDF Document Properties

How To Map Custom Properties to PDF Data Cards

First step is to create some variables for this information via Administration Tool > Variables > Right-Click > New Variable

New Variable from shortcut menu

New Variable from shortcut menu

This example I’ve named PDF_Author



Next we need to link it to PDF Files. Click New Attribute > Enter the data as shown:

  • Block Name = CustomProperty
  • Attribute name = Author
  • File Extension = pdf
Link PDF Document Properties

Edit Variable

Create the remaining variables as per the following mappings;

Block NameAttribute Name


Next we need to link this information in the .PDF file data card.  Create the applicable text and edit boxes, then link them to the variables.

PDF Card

Card Editor > PDF Card

Now the two way relationship is created and when a PDF is added to the vault the custom properties in the PDF will be updated on the data card and when a user updates variable values on the data card, the values are updated in the PDF document properties.

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