Simulating Large Assemblies in SOLIDWORKS [WEBINAR]

Article by Erin Elliott updated July 18, 2016


Javelin’s Simulation Product Manager; Peter Kjellbotn, will be hosting a complimentary simulation webinar on Wednesday, September 7th so you can learn how to simulate SOLIDWORKS large assemblies. We understand this is peak vacation season across Canada, if you are not going to be at the office – don’t worry. If you register for the webinar(s) we will make sure you receive a link to the recording so you can keep up to date with the latest information any time.¸

SolidWorks Simulation Webinar Series

In this webinar, we will take a look at the challenging topic of Large Assembly analysis. Large assemblies can be tricky to simulate, but with some tips and tricks for setup, you’ll be successful with your large simulations. Learn more about large assemblies in SOLIDWORKS [VIDEO].

  • Simplification – what to simplify, and how to simplify
  • Setup techniques for large assemblies
  • Meshing large assemblies
  • Solving for large assemblies

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