Control the display of SOLIDWORKS Component and Top Level Annotations

Article by Sanja Srzic updated September 15, 2016


Starting with SOLIDWORKS 2015, it is easier to control the display of SOLIDWORKS component annotations and top level annotations in an assembly file.  They now have separate display options in View > Hide/Show, which can help reduce the visual clutter in assembly models.

Hide/Show Annotations in View

Hide/Show Annotations in View

These annotation display options can also be accessed in the Heads-up toolbar:

Display Component and Assembly Annotations in the Heads-up Toolbar

Display Component and Assembly Annotations in the Heads-up Toolbar

In an assembly, annotations cannot be shown or hidden for individual components or their annotation views, so enabling component annotations can bring in redundant information.

SOLIDWORKS Component Annotations Enabled

Component Annotations Enabled

With component annotations hidden and assembly annotations shown, the same assembly looks like this:

Only Assembly Annotations Enabled

Only Assembly Annotations Enabled

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