How to group component instances to condense the assembly tree size in SOLIDWORKS 2017

Article by Mehdi Rezaei, CSWE updated November 28, 2016


The Assembly tree for a large assembly file can turn into a very long list of components. In most cases many of the components are repeated such as bolts, nuts, washers, fittings, etc. Making folders and collecting the repeated components was the best technique to organize the components so they could be easily hidden or used in a configuration.

But now in SOLIDWORKS 2017 you can automatically group the same components with the same configuration into a folder-like structure in the assembly tree. Grouping components will condense the length of the assembly tree and make it easier to find components, especially in large assemblies.

SOLIDWORKS Group Components in Tree Display

In the assembly tree, right-click the top-level component and pick Tree Display > Group Component Instances from the shortcut menu, as shown in the figure below:

SOLIDWORKS Group Components Instances in Large Assemblies

Group Component Instances in Large Assemblies

The assembly tree before and after applying the grouping is compared in the following screenshots. It is clearly shown that the assembly has been significantly condensed after grouping, and the components are much easier to find. The number shown in brackets next to a component indicates how many instances of that component exists in the assembly.

Feature Manager Tree Before and After Grouping Components

Assembly Tree Before and After Grouping Components

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