SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017 Client and Server Service Pack Compatibility

Article by Justin Williams updated November 11, 2016


SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017 Client Server Compatibility now allows a mismatch between client and server components within the same major version. Which means any PDM server component upgrades will NOT require an upgrade to each client.

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017 Client Server Compatibility

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017 Client Server Compatibility

Attention all IT System Administrators!

Previously client and server components were required to be same major version and service pack.  This made upgrading a time consuming process.  In SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017, System Administrators are free to upgrade the server components and clients in batches without any users losing access to the vault.

For example, previously SOLIDWORKS PDM Server components were upgraded to say 2016 Service Pack 5; THEN each client required an upgrade to the same version and service pack.

With SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017, when Server components are upgraded to 2017 Service Pack 3 for example,  the client can be 2017 Service Pack 1,2,3,4 or 5 and still able to access the vault.

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