How to prevent users from logging into SOLIDWORKS PDM

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated January 24, 2017


Whether it is for maintenance, troubleshooting, or preventing unauthorized access, occasionally there is the need to block SOLIDWORKS PDM login.

To block users access the SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration tool and right-click on a Vault and select Properties.

Vault Properties

Vault Properties

Next click on Block Log-ins.


SOLIDWORKS PDM Block log-ins

Anyone attempting to log into the vault will receive a the message: “system is locked due to maintenance”

System Maintenance Message

System Maintenance Message

To allow access to the vault, select Permit Log-ins and users will once again be able to access the vault.

Permit log-ins

Permit log-ins

NOTE: this will not log out users who are already logged in. People who are already logged in, will continue to be able to access the vault.  There is no built-in functionality to force log-outs, but the connection form a client to SQL can be killed. The process to do this, is outlined in another one of my articles, titled “Killing SQL connection to force a Client logout

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