How to add a SOLIDWORKS BOM Equation to an Entire Column

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated February 16, 2017


The SOLIDWORKS Bill of Materials allows you to add Equations to cells for calculations.  Did you know that you can also apply a SOLIDWORKS BOM Equation to an entire column?

To start select a BOM column so it highlights all of its cells and launch the Equation tool.

Select column label to highlight entire row

You can select other columns from the dropdown.  For example multiplying one column by another.

Select Other Columns in Equation

You can also add a SOLIDWORKS BOM equation to a particular cell to add up the TOTAL value of all items in the column.  Add a row underneath and add the equation to the cell.


Total will add up all values in column above

You may not want to see this row as an Item Number, so you can hide the Item Number for this new row by right-clicking on the Item Number.

Hide Item Number

Just be aware that the TOTAL is only for values in the column ABOVE the row.

TOTAL only calculates values above the row

If you set the BOM properties to “Follow assembly order”, it will place the manually entered rows at the bottom automatically.

BOM Properties – Follow Assembly Order

Final Calculation

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