Inserting additional components into an existing SOLIDWORKS Composer file

Article by Justin Flett updated February 7, 2017


In many cases you may find the need to insert additional actors/components to an existing SOLIDWORKS Composer file.  Luckily there is a very simple process to add as many additional SOLIDWORKS Composer actors as you may need.

Insert SOLIDWORKS Composer Actors

Merge into the current document

In this case let’s say we wanted to add a retaining ring tool into our existing assembly to help build our assembly documentation.  To insert the new actor, it’s as simple as File > Open. Within the Open dialog make sure to select “Merge into the current document”.

New actor inserted into existing SMG

The new actor will be placed at the origin of your current file.  Note that assembly selection mode will automatically be toggled on when inserting a new actor.

Use Align and Transform tools to place new Actor

Once the new SOLIDWORKS Composer actor has been placed in the existing file, we can use our alignment and transformation tools to put the actor in the correct positions.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Composer

To learn more about SOLIDWORKS Composer components, we invite you to attend a SOLIDWORKS Composer Essentials training course either in a Canadian city near you or live online.

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