SOLIDWORKS Electrical Design Automation

Article by Delvin Masilamani updated April 25, 2017


SOLIDWORKS Electrical Design Automation caters to various types of user experience. For those who are starting out it can be as simple as drag objects, drop and connect wires. As the system design increases in complexity, users can then leverage automation features available within the software.

Terminal Drawings

In the design process, users are still expected to layout the terminal schematic symbols such that whoever reads the schematic prints can interpret it for production. Most designers don’t have the time to show Terminal strip drawings which completes the drawing package. In SOLIDWORKS Electrical, this process is automated and Terminal strip drawings are automated by sourcing the terminals placed in the project and then creating a summary drawing on a simple click of a button.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Design Automation Terminal Representation

Automated Terminal Representation

PLC Drawings

Traditionally PLC drawings are done such that the installer can follow schematic instructions and wire the system accurately. This process can follow a manual process of drag objects and make connections. In SOLIDWORKS Electrical, the PLC manager allows users to setup information with part and I/O. Users can setup relevant macros in their database and tie it in to the setup process within the PLC Manager. Once a user picks up a part, adds descriptions and select the I/O, simply selecting Generate outputs creates Automated PLC drawings for the package.

Excel Automation

Since the application has a SQL backend, it runs on tables/columns and such. SOLIDWORKS created an excel import process which takes in parameters such X-Y positions, part numbers, descriptions for various configuration parameters that will reference Macro database and create drawings based on those selections. Essentially this Excel sheet can be used to drive option and variant packages which will reference the Macro database and create automated drawings as defined in the excel sheet.

Report Automation

Most designers find themselves manually creating reports or BOM for their designs. SOLIDWORKS Electrical by default keeps the reports live and available throughout the life cycle of the design process. BOM and other Reports can be exported via the Reports manager in formats such as Text, XML, Excel and/or in drawings. These can be formatted to fit drawing sheets, columns can be added/removed by simple selections.  Advanced customization can be performed by changing formulas, simply activating the expert mode and creating custom SQL queries.

Default Reports

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