SOLIDWORKS Selecting Transparent Components with the Shift key

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated April 20, 2017


Changing the transparency or adding transparent appearances to components helps to see inside your assemblies. However you’ll notice that if you try to select transparent components you will likely select the opaque component behind it.

SOLIDWORKS Component Transparency

In this example it passes through the blade cover and selects the blade behind it.

SOLIDWORKS Selection Through Transparent Component

If you select a transparent component in a location that doesn’t have any opaque component behind, then it will select the transparent component.  If there are multiple transparent components in a row and no opaque components behind, then it also will select the first transparent component.

Select transparent components without any opaque components behind

Select transparent components without any opaque components behind

But you still have the ability to select the transparent component in front of any opaque components.  Simply hold down Shift and then select on the transparent component.  You’ll see the selection no longer passes through.

SOLIDWORKS Shift Select Transparent Components

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