SOLIDWORKS No Solve Move vs Detach Segment on Drag [VIDEO]

Article by Jim Peltier, CSWE updated May 25, 2017


I’ve occasionally run into the issue where a user sketches a closed shape, such as a rectangle, only to find that when they drag an edge of the rectangle that the rectangle falls apart The top line appears to detach itself from the rest of the rectangle. This can be caused by one of two settings. Both can be found in the Tools > Sketch Settings menu.

SOLIDWORKS no solve move

Rectangle fallen apart after dragging a line


The first is called SOLIDWORKS no solve move. Although this technically does something different, if can manifest itself in this way. No Solve Move will allow you to move sketch entities in a sketch while ignoring their sketch relations. It prompts you to delete the sketch relations if you drag an entity. If you say no, you get a copy of the entity. I demonstrate this in the video. In the case of the rectangle, though, the corners don’t have sketch relations to delete. It allows the specific entity to move with adjusting the other entities since it isn’t solving the new lengths.

Detach Segment on Drag

The second method is the Detach Segment on Drag. With this method, it truly does what it says. When you move a sketch entity, it detaches its endpoints and moves independently of other sketch entities. I show this in the video as well. Unlike with No Solve Move, this method continues to respect the sketch relations.

As you can see, both methods produce the same effect on the rectangle, so if you are seeing this on your sketch, it could be either setting. This is a system setting, so it will apply on other documents that you may be editing or new parts you create. It is, however, specific to the TYPE of file you are editing. For instance, if you change the setting while a part file is open, the setting will be unchanged in a drawing file.

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