SOLIDWORKS PDM Connectivity Test Tool [Updated]

Article by Justin Williams updated May 2, 2017


NOTE: This article has been updated to reflect the new version of the Connectivity Test Tool.  The new tool is available to all customers and can be downloaded via the DS Support Knowledge Base article QA00000119794

Within a SOLIDWORKS PDM environment, there are several different components that need to talk to each other for everything to work as expected.  If a PDM client can’t communicate with a server, you will see errors and be unable login to the vault.  To help troubleshoot problems like these SOLIDWORKS has created a tool for testing the connection between client and server.

Using the SOLIDWORKS PDM Connectivity Test Tool

It’s simple to use…the first step is to specify the connections to test:

Next, specify the hostname and port for each server component:

NOTE: If the ports are still as default you can use the ‘Set Default Ports’ button to populate this information for you.

Next, specify the SQL instance for the ODBC test (you can select the default or a named instance) and input the sa password:

Select ‘Run Tests‘ to start the tool.

If the connection to the server was successful a green check will show:

Connection Success

Connection Success

If the connection to the server was unsuccessful a red X will show:

Unsuccessful Connection

Unsuccessful Connection

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