A Rebuild Renaissance in SOLIDWORKS 2018

Article by Chris Briand, CSWE updated October 26, 2017


As you might expect, the rebuild tool in SOLIDWORKS is one of the most frequently used tools in the suite. The frequency of this tool is due to the necessity to regenerate our models into a current state as the physical shape of the model develops along changes in parameters that drive the model or assembly.


Rebuild (CTR+B)

The SOLIDWORKS 2018 Rebuild tool has combined some terminology moving away from the former naming of “Regenerate” operations (CTRL+Q) to align them with the more visible Rebuild tool (CTRL+B) in the SOLIDWORKS interface (most of us called the “Regen” tools “Rebuild” in any case).  They have also given them buttons so that they can appear on any toolbar in the SOLIDWORKS interface.

Force Rebuild (CTRL+Q) – Force Rebuild appears only within the part environment, and Force Rebuild Top Level Assembly (CTRL+Q) – Will Rebuild from the top of the assembly tree.

In addition to the nomenclature change there are also some new additions to the rebuild tools that we have all come to know – Specifically to rebuild configurations within our parts and assemblies. We now have a SOLIDWORKS 2018 rebuild solution that will save us from having to activate any configurations in an effort to update them!

Rebuild All Configurations (CTRL+SHIFT+B)and Force Rebuild All Configurations (CTRL+SHIFT+Q)

The two newest additions to the “SOLIDWORKS 2018 Rebuild Family” tree affect those who use configurations on a regular basis, where a ton of time can be saved, and some added insurance built in, that all of your configurations have been rebuilt successfully before releasing a design to the shop floor.

Stay tuned for more SOLIDWORKS 2018 What’s New content from our team here, and explore the latest features on the Javelin Technologies Blog.

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