SOLIDWORKS 2018 Welcome screen

Article by Bryan Sprange, CSWE updated October 6, 2017


An exciting new feature for SOLIDWORKS 2018 is the addition of an extremely useful ‘SOLIDWORKS Welcome Screen’!

The new SOLIDWORKS Welcome Screen is a great hub of information

The new Welcome Screen is a great hub of information

What can you find on it?

When you first open SOLIDWORKS, the welcome screen will be on the home tab.

Some great features of this tab include:

  • Being able to quickly start a new design by clicking on a template from the new section
Configurable for your company templates

Jump right into a design with the ‘New’ section


  • Direct links to SOLIDWORKS resources such as the Customer portal

Useful links to SOLIDWORKS resources


  • Informative tips and tricks with time savers which you may have forgotten about

Great tips and tricks to remind you of time saving features


  • All of your most recent documents can be found and even pinned to the welcome screen along with folders that have been visited keeping your designs close at hand.

What about the other tabs?

The remaining three tabs include recent documents to be able to see everything you’ve been working on:

Pin common models here to make sure they are always easy to find

The recent tab is a great way to easily open your recent documents

The Learn tab is a great place to visit to brush up on your skills, or learn a new area of SOLIDWORKS. The my learning link on the bottom ribbon is a quick way to access your online SOLIDWORKS learning.

The bottom ribbon has links to great SOLIDWORKS resources from Certifications to course content.

With Tutorials and Training links, stay up to date with all of the new enhancements in SOLIDWORKS

Finally the alerts tab will let you know of any new versions or updates which SOLIDWORKS has released.

Stay current by checking the alerts tab for updates

Stay current by checking the alerts tab for updates

How to get the SOLIDWORKS Welcome Screen back

If you close the SOLIDWORKS welcome screen, or are finished with a design and want to use the welcome screen to get started again, simply click on the “house” icon in the top tool bar. The Welcome screen can be accessed at any time while you are in SOLIDWORKS allowing you to switch between tasks quickly and easily!

Even when you are in a design, the Welcome Screen can be recalled to provide links to other parts or training resources

The Welcome Screen can be brought back by clicking the “House” icon

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Bryan Sprange, CSWE

Bryan Sprange is a Technical Solutions Expert at Javelin located in Winnipeg, MB., Canada. He has previously worked in the Aerospace industry as a Designer, and a Manufacturing Engineering Planner. Additionally, he has used many different CAD packages ranging from AutoCAD to CATIA. Bryan has a background in Mechanical Engineering Technology, and enjoys using all of the SOLIDWORKS features to their limits to find new and interesting ways to be efficient and accurate when helping customers with their designs.