Using SOLIDWORKS Simulation Sensors and Selection Sets for common location results

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated October 6, 2017


After running a Simulation study you may have common areas of interest where you need to extract results.  Whether it be using the Probe tool in plots or List Result Force, you are probably selecting the same faces each time.  These selections can be saved for future use using a couple different methods.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Sensors

You can create sensors in SOLIDWORKS for numerous things like keeping track of the overall mass.  There are also Simulation options.  While you can choose to directly provide stress/displacement/etc results for selections, you can also setup a Workflow Sensitive sensor.  This allows the sensor to be used in any plot using the Probe tool.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Sensors

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Workflow Sensitive Sensor

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Probe using Sensor

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Probe using Sensor

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Selection Sets

Introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2015, Selection Sets are a good way to save any common selections.  See our previous blog post regarding Saved Selection Sets for additional information.

This can also be used in Simulation.  First right-click on any faces/edges and choose Selection Tools > Save Selection.  This will show up as a feature under the Selection Sets folder at the top of the FeatureManager Design Tree.  If you have multiple selection sets, it would be recommended to rename each one.  This can then be selected from the flyout tree for any selection box.  Not only does this work for Probe with ‘On selected entities’, but it also works for List Result Force options (unlike the Workflow Sensitive Sensor).

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Save Selection Set

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Selection Sets

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Selection Sets in List Result Force

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