Adding Balloons to a Sub-Assembly in a SOLIDWORKS Drawing

Article by Saeed Mojarad (CSWE) updated January 24, 2018


If you have been working with a SOLIDWORKS bill of material table (BOM) for a while, perhaps you have noticed that there are limitations when it comes to adding balloons to a sub-assembly and its components. For example, if you want to add a balloon to a sub-assembly SOLIDWORKS does not allow us, and no matter where we click it shows the item number of one of the components and not the sub-assembly itself.

There are different workarounds to add a balloon. In this short video we will discuss three of them including:

  • Adding the balloon to the sub-assembly origin
  • Using a sketch at the assembly level
  • Using two BOMs

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Saeed Mojarad (CSWE)

Saeed Mojarad is an application engineer at Javelin Technologies. He received his B.S from Mazandaran University, Iran; and his M.S. from École de technologie supérieure (ETS), Canada. He has several years of experience using SOLIDWORKS in different industries such as manufacturing and aerospace. Currently located in Calgary, he is helping SOLIDWORKS users all across Canada as a technical support and SOLIDWORKS instructor.