Partial Fillet and Partial Chamfer are new in SOLIDWORKS 2019

Article by Mersedeh Zandvakili updated September 19, 2018


Have you always wanted to be in charge of your fillets and chamfers? New in SOLIDWORKS 2019 are new features called the SOLIDWORKS Partial Fillet and Chamfer; where you are able to specify the length of fillet/chamfer on your model edges. This will give you freedom in choosing the start and end points of your fillet/chamfer on existing edges without worrying about splitting the edges.

Take a look at the new features along with other new part functionality in the video below:

SOLIDWORKS Partial Fillet

For a Fillet feature, the partial fillet option is available when you use a Constant Size Fillet. In the Fillet property manager, first you need to activate the Partial Edge Parameters.

In the Start Condition and End Condition dialog boxes you have the option of either setting up a Distance OffsetPercentage Offset, or using a Reference Offset to specify the length of the fillet. You can also drag and drop the the fillet handles to your desired location to set the start and end locations of the fillet.

SOLIDWORKS Partial Fillet

Creating a Partial Fillet

SOLIDWORKS Partial Chamfer

In order to create a partial chamfer, you need to choose the Offset Face Chamfer. You need to turn on the Partial Edge Parameters option in the property manager and set the Start Condition  and the End Condition. 

Creating a Partial Chamfer

Creating a Partial Chamfer

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