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Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated June 12, 2019


SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go provides three folder structure options to give control over how you want to maintain subfolders.  The selection is retained so the same option will be used by default for subsequent tasks.

In this example I have a simple assembly with three parts.  The assembly file is located in folder C:\Projects\ProjectA.  One component is under a subfolder ‘Components’.  Another component is in a deeper subfolder ‘Library’.  However the 3rd component is in a completely different location.

SOLIDWORKS File References

SOLIDWORKS File References

NOTE: When making duplicate copies of files, it’s highly recommended to give unique file names to avoid reference problems with the original location.  You can use the suffix/prefix or ‘Select/Replace’ options to assist.

Flatten to Single Folder

The first option is straight forward.  All files (top level assembly, subassemblies and parts) will be saved to a single folder specified.  In this case I am copying the files to C:\Projects\ProjectB.

Flatten to Single Folder

SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go: Flatten to Single Folder

Flatten to Minimal Folders

The second option allows you to maintain the subfolder structure for the new location.  In this case we had subfolders ‘\Components’ and ‘\Components\Library’ within the assembly folder.  The subfolder structure from the assembly level down will be maintained.

For components outside of the assembly level folder, only the last subfolder in its path is kept to keep it separated within the new folder.

Flatten to Minimal Folders

SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go: Flatten to Minimal Folders

Keep Full Folder Structure

The last option maintains the full path back to the drive letter.  This can be used in situations where you need to copy to a completely different drive or into a new top level folder.  In this scenario it doesn’t make sense since we have duplicating folder names.  But you can see how the full file path is added to the new folder location.

Keep Full Folder Structure

SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go: Keep Full Folder Structure

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