A new method for applying Callouts to External Cosmetic Threads in SOLIDWORKS 2020

Article by John Lee, CSWE updated December 18, 2019


In prior years of SOLIDWORKS, cosmetic thread callouts were added into drawings either automatically on view creation, or manually this way.  Now in SOLIDWORKS 2020, the cosmetic thread callouts can be shown like dimensions, but the prior method is still available.  The new functionality in 2020 works like this:

  1. Here is a sample part with cosmetic thread using these settings (Insert > Annotations > Cosmetic Thread)

    Example - cosmetic thread settings

    Example – cosmetic thread settings

  2. Insert view into drawing and add a Smart Dimension, selecting the silhouette edge(s) such that the pointer changes to this when hovering over the edge(s):Example - cosmetic thread settings
  3. Place the Smart Dimension:

    Pick these silhouette edges and place the callout

    Pick this silhouette edge and place the callout


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